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2020 Scheduled Events  (For up to date event details please visit my FB site)

11st – 4th August – Stargazing at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, Inverness.

October 3rd at 8.30pm – Saturn Special (Inverness).  Opportunities to stargaze and observe Saturn from the local Markinch local nature reserve in Inverness and perhaps the setting Moon next to mighty Jupiter.  Guiding by local astronomer Stephen Mackintosh.  If sky conditions are poor we’ll stay indoors for an indoor presentation on Saturn.  Eventbrite link.

October 4th  – BBC Filming at The Torridon for Amazing Hotels.

Oct 5th at 8pm – Ancient Astronomy (Abriachan).  Kicking off the observing season with a night of stargazing, storytelling and ancient astronomy learning (indoor and outdoor).  In collaboration with the Highland Archaeology Festival.  Astronomy outreach:  Stephen Mackintosh.  Storytelling: Clelland McCallum.  Eventbrite link.

November 7th at 8.30pm – Moon Special (Inverness).  Come and observe the bright waxing gibbous Moon from the grounds of the Merkinch nature reserve.  Indoor Moon talk if skies are poor.  Eventbrite link.

November 15th at 5.30pm – Moon Talk at the Italian Society (Inverness).

Nov 23rd at 7pm – Dark Sky Man and the Multiverse (Abriachan).  The first ‘Dark of the Moon event’ and another chance to let special guest astronomer and author Dark Sky Man (aka Steve Owens) guide you across the night sky.   Guest astronomer  Steve Owens.  Storytelling: Clelland McCallum .  Eventbrite link.

Dec 11th at 7pm – ‘Astronomy from the Moon (Abriachan):  studying the universe from our nearest neighbour’ is a talk delivered by Professor Martin Hendry of Glasgow University, joining us again in the forest classroom.  We’ll have a full Moon this evening allowing us to observe with video telescope and binoculars.  Guest speaker:  Prof. Martin Hendry.   Astronomy outreach:  Stephen Mackintosh

December 19th at 8.30pm – ‘A Telescope isn’t just for Christmas’ (Inverness).  A special Christmas event on getting started with observing, what to buy, what to avoid, where and when to observe.  With local astronomer Stephen Mackintosh.  Outdoor stargazing from the reserve if conditions are clear.

Dec 21st at 7pm – Winter Solstice Special (Abriachan) with guest storyteller and author John Burns.  Celebrate the longest night and the slow return of brighter days with a special dark sky Solstice special with our first ever guest storyteller, author John Burns.  We’ll also have outdoor stargazing and astronomy guiding (weather permitted) or a solstice inspired astronomy talk.  Guest storyteller:  John Burns.  Astronomy Outreach:  Stephen Mackintosh

Jan 10th 7pm – Eclipse Special (Abriachan).  A special night on the astronomy of eclipses with an opportunity to observe a live penumbra eclipse of the Moon via binoculars and video telescope.  Astronomy outreach:  Stephen Mackintosh.  Storytelling: Clelland McCallum

January 16th at 8.30pm – Supernova Special (Inverness) with guest speaker Dr Anthony Luke of UHI talking about the incredible science and chemistry behind exploding stars.  Opportunities for stargazing from the local nature reserve if conditions are clear.

February 7th – 20th – Hebridean Dark Sky Festival (Western Isles).

February 20th at 8.30pm – Aurora Special (Inverness) with guest photographer Graham Bradshaw.  Graham will discuss aurora, how to find it and photograph it.  He’ll also share some of his amazing photographs and videos.  Opportunities to observe from the nature reserve if time and weather permits.

Feb 29th 7pm – KISS Astrophotography (Abriachan)  Talk with guest Eric Walker from the Highland Astronomical Society.  Plus stargazing and astronomy outreach with astronomer Stephen Mackintosh.   Guest speaker: Eric Walker.  Astronomy outreach:  Stephen Mackintosh.  Storytelling: Clelland McCallum

March 12th at 8.30pm – Venus Special (Inverness).  With Venus now a beacon in evening skies we’ll have a special talk on the planet with astronomer Stephen Mackintosh,  Plus opportunities to observe it, and the stars, from the local nature reserve.

March 21st 7pm – Equinox Special (Abriachan) with a talk from local photographer Claire Rehr.  Plus stargazing and storytelling with Stephen And Clelland. Guest speaker: Claire Rehr. Astronomy outreach:  Stephen Mackintosh.  Storytelling: Clelland McCallum

The Glasgow Science Centre crew will also return in May for more hands on workshops.

2019 Scheduled Events

12th January 2019 – Audience with Dark Sky Man – Observing under a crescent Moon with guest talk from author of Stargazing For Dummies and On Tour Manager of the Glasgow Science Center, Steve Owens.

17th January 2019 – Beginners Observing and Moon Night – Sea Scout Hall Inverness and Merkinch Nature Reserve.

9th February 2019 – Dark sky observing and Photography special – With guest speaker Graham Bradshaw of Graham Bradshaw Photography. Graham is a local photographer who has taken some stunning landscape, aurora and night sky photos. Eventbrite: please check back

16th February 2019 – Torridon Resort Astronomy Outreach

28th February 2019 – 8.30pm Merkinch Nature Reserve Observing night, 44 Kessock Road Inverness.  Details here.

9th March 2019 – 8pm Abriachan Dark Sky Observing (Star Stories).  Event details here.

14th March 2019 – Muirtown Primary Astronomy Outreach.

28th March – Urban Astronomy Inverness – Life of Giant Stars.  4 Kessock Road, Inverness 8.30pm

27th April 2019 – Star Stories special visit with Glasgow Science Centre Outreach Team

9th May – 12th May 2019 Stargazing and astronomy outreach at Scapa Festival.  Details here.

8th May – Talk Inverness Science Festival – Island Universes.  Tickets:  Eventbrite

10th May – Repeat talk Island Universes – Inverness Science Festival

21st June – Solstice at the Sheilings, Abriachan:  Eventbrite

23rd July – Space Camp with Skills Development Scotland and SK Academy:  Eventbrite

1st – 4th August – Stargazing at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, Inverness.

3rd October – Merkinch Urban Astronomy 2019 Kickoff.

5th October – Star Stories Dark Sky Observing with Highland Archaeology Society

2018 Scheduled Events

January 19th – 21st:  Weekend Special at ‘The Grant Arms Wildlife Hotel’ in Grantown on Spey, Cairngorms.

January 27th:  Lunar Burns Special at Abriachan Forest

February 16th – 18th:  Weekend Special at ‘The Grant Arms Wildlife Hotel’ in Grantown on Spey, Cairngorms.

March 10th:  Star Cluster Special at Abriachan Forest.  Details here.

April 14th:  Solar Special at Abriachan Forest.  Details here.

May 3rd – 5th:  Constellation guiding at Scapa Festival, Loch Fyne.

May 11th:  Wild Astronomy Public Lecture, Inverness Science Festival.

June 21st:  Solstice Special at Abriachan Forest.  Details here.

September 18th:  Moon & Planet Observing, Merkinch Local Nature Reserve.  Details here.

October 11th:  Stargazing, Merkinch Local Nature Reserve.  Details here.

12th October – Neolithic Stargazing  – EVENT SOLD OUT.

16th November – Leonids Meteor Shower Special – With guest speaker Dr Anthony Luke, Lecturer of Natural and Applied Science at UHI, giving a talk on the chemistry of stars, meteors and comets.

5th December – Evening with Professor Martin Hendry – A special guest talk from Martin Hendry, Professor of Gravitational Astrophysics and Cosmology at Glasgow University, entitled “Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe”
Eventbrite: please check back

21st December – Winter Solstice Special – Mark the shortest day under a full moon with an evening of moon and bright star observing and a talk on the winter solstice from astronomer Stephen Mackintosh.
Eventbrite: please check back

2017 Scheduled Events

September 22nd – 23rd:  Astronomy evenings at Merkinch Local Nature Reserve, Inverness.

October 13th:  Mesolithic stargazing at Abriachan Forest Trust, Abriachan.

October 14th – 19th:  Merkinch Astronomy Evening (first clear night)

October 20th – 22nd:  Weekend Special at ‘The Steadings at The Grouse & Trout’ near Farr, Loch Ness.

November 10th – 13th:  Weekend Special at ‘The Grant Arms Wildlife Hotel’ in Grantown on Spey, Cairngorms.

November 14th:  Balloch Brownies Stargazing.

November 18th:  Mesolithic stargazing at Abriachan Forest Trust, Abriachan.  Followup event.

November 25th:  Space & Planetary Workshop – 2-4pm at Merkinch Partnership

December 9th:  Merkinch Astronomy Evening, Merkinch Nature Reserve

December 15th:  Abriachan ‘Geminids Special’ Astronomy night