Evening Stargazing Tours


During the longer nights between September and March, I host evening stargazing trips for small or medium sized groups.  The aim of these tours is to let you experience the wonders of the night sky under excellent dark sky conditions, well away from significant urban light pollution.

Tour Format and Content

Depending on your circumstances I can either pick you up from your accommodation or rendezvous with you at a nearby dark sky location.  Either way I’ll try and ensure the location offers the best balance of weather and dark skies.

The tour will begin with some basics on navigating the heavens, using pointer stars and constellations, before moving on to view an array of night sky objects;  from glittering star clusters, bright nebulae, galaxies and (depending on their positions) planets.


The magnificent Perseus Double Cluster – one of our favourite targets for binoculars or telescope.

Binoculars will be provided for wide-field views of open star clusters and brighter nebulae, in addition to views from larger 100mm binoculars.  Amidst the sights I’ll happily answer any questions you might have, drawing upon my extensive knowledge of astro physics to explain some of the history and dynamics behind each object of interest.

Overall tour duration can vary between one and two hours depending on conditions.  On completion of the tour I’ll host a final Q&A session, before it’s time to head home for a good nights sleep, and hopefully with a renewed sense of wonder in the night sky.


Another treasure of northern skies – the famous Orion nebulae

How to Prepare

Winter in the highlands can be very cold, especially in exposed moors and glens, so wear plenty of warm clothes, preferably layered to trap air.  Wearing two pairs of socks is a good idea as the cold can quickly penetrate into unprotected toes and feet.  Feel free to bring your own smaller spotting scopes or binoculars if you wish although these are provided.

Booking and Cancellations

Please contact me to book a provisional date   Due to the requirements for reasonable observing conditions, excursions will generally only be confirmed a few hours before, by telephone or text message. Also, please pay attention to the Moon phases shown in the calendar below, as dates with a prominent Moon are not suitable for viewing the Milky Way.

If your tour is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions,  I can offer you a voucher for use on another date, or a full refund.

To book, please use one of the following methods of contact:


Stargazing voucher


  • £40 per person (minimum of two persons per booking)
  • Large discounts for bigger groups (max group size 8 people)

I also dispense coded Gift Vouchers for recipients to use at a future date of their choosing (subject to the criteria mentioned above).

Calendar with Moon Phases

Please check the phase of the Moon here.

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