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About Modulo Universe

Modulo Universe is the blog and freelance workspace of mathematician and astronomer Stephen Mackintosh.  Here you will find musings on cosmology, astronomy and abstract mathematics, as well as links into Stephen’s freelance work.

About Stephen Mackintosh

Mathematician and astronomer Stephen Mackintosh lives with his family in Inverness, in the the Scottish Highlands.  His work journey began as a physics engine programmer in the computer games industry, before embarking on a long career in life sciences as a senior research scientist and mathematical modeller.

He now works freelance as an outreach astronomer and maths & physics educator.  His passion for teaching and imparting knowledge of the cosmos and its mathematical underpinnings is infectious.

Stephen also designs and develops mathematical simulations with application in the education and astrophysics sectors.  Examples of this ongoing work include – gravitation and accretion dynamics, special and general relativity rendering and stellar image analysis.

Stephen has a BSc Honours degree in Pure & Applied Mathematics from Edinburgh University and holds an enhanced Disclosure Scotland PVG certification.  He is also a former STEM ambassador and member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications


Some details of Stephen’s freelance work is contained in the links below.