Mackintosh Modelling & Data Simulations

Stephen is an experienced mathematical modeller, algorithm and  simulation programmer with over 20 years accumulated experience in the computer games and medical device industries.  He is now operating freelance via his company ‘Mackintosh Modelling & Data Simulations’ building simulations and applications with a focus on life sciences and space education.

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Current Work

Stephen is currently engaged in several areas of active research and development:

  • Covid-19 analytics app (R Studio / Shiny)

Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 12.13.02

  • Stellar Evolver (Unity / C Sharp)
  • Red Blood Cell Dynamics (Unity / C Sharp)
  • Special and General Relativity rendering (Astrophysics / C++)
  • Open cluster and globular cluster formation and dynamics (Astrophysics / Matlab)
Colliding Clusters

Colliding open clusters

  • Short time accretion dynamics (Astrophysics / Comsol)

Short time scale accretion simulation

  • 3D fractal generators – mathematics education and game development
  • The impact of food and exercise in diabetes (Health / Matlab)
Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 12.09.05

Simulation of the impact of diet and exercise on the insulin glucose feedback loop of a healthy and diabetic patient

R Studio and Shiny App Development

Data analytics development.  This application was to help a medical devices client track global complaint numbers, integrating web based geographical and societal metrics to gain invaluable customer insights.

Complaints app

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Examples of Prior Work

Computer Games Industry:

  • Environmental and visual effect engines
  • Wind, rain, weather and skybox modelling
  • Fluid, solid and contact physics engines
  • Optimised many-object 3D collision detection and resolution systems
  • Inverse kinematics and multi-joint animation systems

His work in the video game industry included a 1 million unit commercial hit on the Playstation 2 platform.

Gameplay footage from State of Emergency (Playstation 2)

Gameplay footage from Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick (Playstation 2)

Medical Devices Industry:

  • Analytical modelling on simple domains
  • FEA (finite element analysis) modelling on complex domains
  • Electrochemical and diffusion modelling with Matlab and COMSOL multi-physics
  • Physiological modelling of the diabetes disease state
  • Bespoke statistical models and algorithm development

Mackintosh conference paper on electrochemical biosensor modelling.

American Journal of Diabetes – Seven Year Surveillance of BGMs

Mackintosh article from MDT magazine.

Stephen also has considerable experience liaising with simulation software vendors and was responsible for the uptake and use of COMSOL multi-physics within the Johnston & Johnston subsidiary Lifescan Scotland.


  1. Modelling the Electrochemistry of Blood Glucose Test Strips – 2013 – COMSOL News 2013 – Featured article in Comsol News covering my modelling work on Electrochemical sensors
  2. Modeling an Enzyme Based Electrochemical Blood Glucose Sensor – 2012 – This paper describes the modeling of a blood glucose sensor using COMSOL Multiphysics. Chemical species interaction and diffusion, coupled with electrochemical oxidation of multiple blood species produced a powerful working model used in developing and refining a range of blood glucose sensors for the commercial market.
  3. OneTouch Verio Performance at Extremes of Glucose and Hematocrits –  May 1, 2016 – American Diabetes Association
  4. Clinical Performance of OneTouch Verio Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems – May 1, 2016 – American Diabetes Association
  5. Seven Year Surveillance of the Clinical Performance of a Blood Glucose Test-strip Product – Apr 1, 2017 – Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology

US and European Patents:

  1. DETERMINING AN ANALYTE CONCENTRATION OF A PHYSIOLOGICAL FLUID HAVING AN INTERFERENT – Patent date Issued Feb 1, 2017 Patent issuer and number us FID2083543
  2. Anomalous Signal Error Trap for an Analyte Measurement Determined from a Specified Sampling Time Derived from a Sensed Physical Characteristic of the Sample Containing the Analyse – Patent date Issued Sep 10, 2013 Patent issuer and number us 14/022601
  3. Transient Signal Error Trap for an Analyte Measurement Determined from a Specified Sampling Time Derived from a Physical Characteristic of the Sample Containing the Analyse – Patent date Issued Jun 28, 2013 Patent issuer and number us 13/929782
  4. Fill Error Trap for an Analyte Measurement Determined from a Specified Sampling Time Derived from a Sensed Physical Characteristic of the Sample Containing the Analtye – Patent date Issued Jun 27, 2013 Patent issuer and number us 13/929404
  5. Acid-Coated Engineered Top Tape for Reduction of Biosensor Uric Acid Sensitivity – Patent date Issued Jan 31, 2013 Patent issuer and number us 1301747
  6. Glucose Electrochemical measurement method with error detection – Patent date Issued Sep 28, 2011 Patent issuer and number eu 11769901.7-1408
  7. Systems and methods for improved accuracy for temperature correction of glucose results for control solution – Patent date Issued Aug 1, 2011 Patent issuer and number us 2013/0118,920
  8. Glucose measurement method and system – Patent dateIssued Sep 6, 2010 Patent issuer and number eu 13169262.6-1554
  9. Analyte test strip with electrically distinguishable divided electrode – Patent date Issued Aug 30, 2010 Patent issuer and number us 2012/0048,746