New Comet Alert!


Look out for a new bright comet visible in night skies now and for the next couple of weeks.

Comet C/2017 O1 ASAS-SN is presently sweeping its way between the constellations Auriga (The Charioteer) and Perseus (The Hero). Later in Ocober it will move into the boundaries of the faint constellation Camelopardalis.

At magnitude 7 or 8 a good dark site and binoculars will be essential for viewing.

Right now at Highland latitudes, Perseus and Auriga start the evening about 20 degrees above the hoizon in the NE before rotating higher and higher in the sky towards the East beyond midnight. Viewing opportunities will therefore get better as the night progresses.

With a calculated orbital period of 17.000 years this will be a rare viewing opportunity.  Happy hunting.


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