Strong Northern Lights

Here’s a slightly shaky camera image I took from my home in the west of Inverness late on Saturday night. This is the strongest I’ve seen the Aurora from suburban Inverness. The glow was clearly visible naked eye with a bright arc and scintillating movement over the Black Isle.

There’s some speculation this display was connected to a large CME that erupted from the Sun on Thursday. While this is possible events like this are notoriously hard to predict with huge uncertainty in the transit time and direction of these high energy particle ejections from our home star.

Northern lights are not as rare as people think, especially in northern Scotland. The main impediment to seeing them is the simple fact that many people spend the winter evenings indoors. If you go for regular extended walks away from city lights and can find a good vantage facing north your chances of seeing aurora will increase significantly.

One thought on “Strong Northern Lights

  1. I’m in northern England and have seen them only a few times and the furthest south,not counting the Southern Lights which I saw from Picton,New Zealand once,is Oxford I’ve seen them.Nothing like that tonight, Venus in the west and I picked out Formalhault low due south it doesn’t rise very high here and I’m going to bet that you can’t see it at all from Inverness and Antares is your lowest first magnitude star?


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